As more and more information filters into public knowledge about the lifestyle impact that their Genes have on them, people are empowering themselves to make positive changes to improve their quality of life. The definition of Epigenetics is quickly evolving to mean: “What’s good for you is not necessarily good for me.” This statement is certainly resounding in light of the blog below.

If you have your 23andMe or AncestryDNA test results, follow this link and click on “view report” to see your results:

Remember the Gene library and all its contents are free to Livewello Gene App users.
More info on how all this works:


If you’ve already received your 23andMe or AncestryDNA raw data, these are some Histamine and Mast Cell related Genes. Follow the links then click on ‘view report’ to see your results:

HNMT Gene:

DAO Gene:

KIT Gene and Mast Cell Activation Disorder: 

AOC1 & ABP1 Genes:

Sulfites ABC

If you know that you react to added sulfites you also need to know exactly in which foods and drinks you might find those. Unfortunately sulfites are labeled in most cases only when the limits are over 10 ppm, which is considered safe amount for most people but not for you, if you have genetic Sulfite intolerance and your SUOX and CBS are mutated. Even trace amounts of added sulfites can make you react and sulfites will accumulate in the body if there are blocked metabolic pathways for SUOX/CBS.

Why sulfites are used in food and drinks? You can read more here.

This list might miss some of the foods/drinks which have added sulfites, but I try to keep this updated. I have also added the foods which only contain trace amounts of sulfites. These items with just trace amounts of sulfites seem to give a lot of issues for…

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Your Health, and the Dawn of a New Medical Revolution

This is an awesome article! It will certainly help spread the word about this necessary and overdue movement to wellness.
What we are trying to do at Livewello is democratize the average person’s access to their Genetic information so that they too can leverage their chances of a higher quality of life.

Right now, when a user uploads their raw data into the Livewello Gene App, it will give you your Gene report for 600,000 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms and attaches 12 resources for learning to each Gene.

The App even offers free updates that reflect your results when 23andMe adds more SNPs to your raw data or when new research is released about a Gene that affects you. The reason for these features, is that we believe that people should have information for all the Genes in their Raw Data not just some of them. That way, a user and their Heallthcare Practitioner can have the benefit of all this information when creating a treatment or lifestyle plan.

We also encourage users to arm themselves with vital information that they should share with their Doctors. As such, Livewello is also the only Genetics Application to come with the free tools:

~A Gene library with unlimited access to hundreds of free Gene Reports: ,

~A Health Conditions tool that allows users generate Gene Reports based on their Diagnosis or health issues: and

~A Sandbox Tool for creating Customized Gene Reports:

~ Data Tool for tracking your functional lab results:
We hope that all these features in the App will partner with a person throughout their journey to wellness, not just the moment the results arrive.

We hope to remain agile in this space so that we can continue to serve users with their needs in this dynamic field. Please reach out to us at with any requests you and your readers may have:


By v1rtu0s0 at ATS
Our story begins in 1987 when an average family man began experiencing inexplicable symptoms which became progressively worse. Over the course of 16 years Fred’s relatively normal life spiraled downward as he began having symptoms like fatigue, loss of motor control, nausea, numbness, and loss of sight. For nearly 2 decades hundreds of doctors and practitioners assured Fred that they could help him, and offered many solutions but none were effective. Fred began losing his friends, his marriage, job, and became estranged by his children. In short, Fred was waiting to die, and had almost lost hope.

It wasn’t until 16 years later after living in a hell that most wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy that Fred had a minor break through when mega-dosing liver pills. Fred discovered that his brain fog would temporarily lift and allow him to function normally for a brief period…

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Biohacking ~Genomic Analysis

By sharing their personal battle for recovery, Petra gets straight to the point about the need to empower oneself with knowledge about their Genetics, the gift of Epigenetics and the promise of Personalized Medicine. As his caregiver, her love for her husband reassures readers of the relentless human spirit which is evident in our community. It is that same drive that motivated the founders of Livewello to build it for their son. Petra’s blog also emphasizes the need to use the Livewello’s Web App with your 23andMe and Ancestry Raw Data despite any health information your Personal Genomics test already offers to you. Here’s why:

With your 23andMe, Ancestry and any other Raw Data file, you can also:

1) Get your results on Genes that Research Studies have associated with your own health issues and Diagnosis:

2) Browse the Gene Library and install templates to see your own results:

3) Compare gene reports with your trusted family or friends to partner with others like you and create a community around your journey to recovery:

4) Empower yourself: Use the 8 resources to information linked directly to each Gene in your Livewello Gene App Report to learn more. Each link composes their information to suit different learning styles.

5) Use the Sandbox tool to create Gene reports based on a Gene Name or any combination of SNPs:
SNP Sandbox Tool Video for 23andMe users:

SNP Sandbox Tool Video for other Personal Genomics Company users:

6) Share all your Reports with your Healthcare Practitioner:
Tips on sharing your Gene Report with your Doctor:

7) Keep Track of your Functional Lab results to monitor your progress or regress:

8) Ever wondered what a sample Livewello report looks like? Go to:
Remember: This is just a Sample Standard Livewello Gene Report so it contains only 300 out of the 600,000 SNPs that your Livewello Gene App provides. This web application will also allow you to generate reports on up to 50,000 SNPs that research studies have directly associated with certain diseases and health conditions.
Read More here:

Genetics and Apraxia

Great blog! Some things to keep in mind if you’ve received your Raw Data:

1) This *Sample Standard LiveWello Gene Report has some very good overview information:
Remember it is only 300 of the 600,000 in Livewello.

2) The Health Conditions Tool helps you find and generate your own results on Genes that Research Studies have associated to certain Health Conditions:

EXAMPLES of Templates built with this tool:






See the 1 minute mark of this How-To Video:

3) The SNP Sandbox Tool can create Gene reports based on a Gene Name or any combination of SNPs:

SNP Sandbox Tool Video for 23andMe users:

SNP Sandbox Tool Video for other Personal Genomics Company users:

More About Sandbox:

EXAMPLES of Templates built with the SNP Sandbox Tool:




4) The Gene Library contains hundreds of Gene compilations that were created using the SNP Sandbox Tool and the Health Conditions Tool. By Clicking on a template link, you can use it to auto-generate a report for yourself or any profiles in your account:

Gene Library Video:

EXAMPLES of Gene Library Entries:




P.S. These Gene templates and more can be found in the Gene library. All its contents are free to all LiveWello Gene App owners. The library is just one of 8 other features that are free with the App:

5) The Health Management Tool helps manage your:
~Health Conditions:
~Medications & Supplements:
Video :

6) Use the 9 Comprehensive learning and research Resources attached to each Gene in your report.
Every Gene in Livewello’s Variance Reports is hyperlinked to resources like Medline, GHR, Google Scholar, dbSNP, Ensembl, Wiki Genes, PubMed, SNPedia and Uniprot.
Information from each link is composed to suit different styles of learning and understanding. Just click on the “i” or the Gene directly on your Report.

7) Data Apps for keeping track of your other functional Lab test results:

8) The Health Village Tool

You can use this tool to create a support network of people that can include your Family members, Healthcare Practitioners or Friends. Within this village you can privately share up-to-the-minute information about all aspects of your health like your most recent medication list, allergies, lab results and more

~ Other tools:

9) Compare Report Feature
Compare your Gene Reports side-by-side with family members or other profiles in your LiveWello Account:

All of the above are free with your 1-time purchase so take advantage of them. Pls send us a link to your blog so we can also share with our social media followers.
Best of health to you and your family!

Jake's Journey with Apraxia

At the beginning of this year, Jake had a series of tests done at our integrative MD’s office. He also took the genetic test 23andMe. I thought it would be interesting to compare the medical tests with his genetic make-up.


This will be a two-part series due to the complexity of this topic.

Throughout this series, I refer to autism a lot. This is because there is much more research on autism versus apraxia. Based on my extensive research on these disorders as well as my own personal experience in raising a child with apraxia, I personally think the two conditions are related. Many things that will help a child with autism have also helped my son with apraxia.

The Beginning …

In December of 2013, I ordered a genetic test kit from 23andMe for the bargain price of $99. About a week later, I received the kit through…

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Nutrigenomics: How Science Can Personalize Your Diet

With your Disease specific Gene Variance Report, a picture about what foods, medication and supplements you can take, will begin to emerge:

New Amsterdam Genomics

“You are what you eat” is the old adage that taught us the importance of our diet. Now modern technology is taking nutrition to the next level, looking at how to improve individual health and prevent disease with unique sustenance plans. Nutrigenomics explores the complex interaction between what you eat and your genes. It looks at the big picture of how you food influences your genome – on the gene, protein, and metabolite level – and the effects of nutritional balance across your whole body.

Personalized nutrition is a parallel to personalized medicine. The concept of adapting diet to individual needs is not new – for example, growing children, active athletes, pregnant women, and elderly people all have known specific nutrient requirements. Nutrigenomics changes personalized nutrition by using your genetic make-up as a differentiating factor. Each person is different. Because of your unique metabolism and genetic risks, you may need…

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SCN8A – Epileptic Encephalopathy and Autism

If you’ve received your 23andMe, Ancestry, Family Tree or Nat. Geo Genetic Raw Data results, you can follow this link to check your results for this Gene:

How I built this:


Convulsive seizures and SUDEP in a mouse model of SCN8A related epileptic encephalopathy.


De novo mutations of the voltage-gated sodium channel gene SCN8A have recently been recognized as a cause of epileptic encephalopathy, which is characterized by refractory seizures with developmental delay and cognitive disability.

We previously described the heterozygous SCN8A missense mutation p.Asn1768Asp in a child with epileptic encephalopathy that included seizures, ataxia, autism, and sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP).

The mutation results in increased persistent sodium current and hyperactivity of transfected neurons. We have characterized a knock-in mouse model expressing this dominant gain-of-function mutation to investigate the pathology of the altered channel in vivo.

The mutant channel protein is stable in vivo.

Heterozygous Scn8aN1768D/+ mice exhibit seizures and SUDEP, confirming the causality of the de novo mutation in the proband. Using video/EEG analysis, we detect ictal discharges that coincide with convulsive seizures and…

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FOXP2 – Genetic link between Autism and Crohn’s Disease ?

If you’ve received your 23andMe Raw Data results and would like to check your Gene results on these Genes: CNTNAP2 AND FOXP2 GENES and their relation to AUTISM, NEURODEVELOPMENT and LANGUAGE, GO TO:

P.S. You can also aead about MTHFR here:


A genome-wide association study on a southern European population identifies a new Crohn’s disease susceptibility locus at RBX1-EP300.

Vall d’Hebron Research Institute, Barcelona, Spain.

Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified multiple risk loci for Crohn’s disease (CD). However, the cumulative risk exerted by these loci is low, and the likelihood that additional, as-yet undiscovered loci contribute to the risk of CD is very high. We performed a GWAS on a southern European population to identify new CD risk loci.


We genotyped 620 901 genome markers on 1341 CD patients and 1518 controls from Spain. The top association signals representing new candidate risk loci were subsequently analysed in an independent replication cohort of 1365 CD patients and 1396 controls.


We identified a genome-wide significant association on chromosome 22q13.2 in the intergenic region between the RBX1 and EP300 genes (single nucleotide polymorphism rs4820425, OR 1.27, 95% CI 1.17 to…

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How does Genetic Testing help me ?

Your progress is our growth…

LiveWello has grown so much lately and we’ll always be grateful to and humbled by our users. We ventured into the exciting world of Genetics, Personalized Medicine and the promise that Epigenetics holds.

People can now get Personal Genomics Gene tests done by companies like 23andMe, Family Tree DNA and many others for less than $100!!! And with the raw data they receive, hope of a better quality of life is born. As prices drop, knowledge about our health will no longer be relegated to the wealthy.

Once you have your Raw Data results go to:

Once you have your Raw Data results go to:

By adding this web based application to Livewello, people can use it to generate Variance reports from their Genetic Raw Data. The Gene App is designed to tell you if you carry a variant SNP or abnormal gene that may or may not lead to the manifestation of chronic disease:
Our goal has always been to democratize access to health information that will improve a person’s health outcome.

This type of information holds so much promise for families trapped by clutches of mental or physical chronic illness. It means that with one’s Gene results and a good Integrative Doctor, the metabolic pathways that are our Genes influence, can be addressed in order to achieve wellness:

With more research information being added daily, these Genes are helping to provide a more accurate picture of the the effect of chronic illness in the human body. Owning your own genetic results is empowering and beneficial to personalizing the care you receive, in order to improve your overall wellness especially with these auxilliary Livewello Gene App tools:

1) A Health Management Tool to manage your overall Health:

2) A Gene Library Database:

3) A Health Conditions Tool to help you identify Genes that research has associated to certain health issues:

4) The Sandbox Tool:

5) Compare Reports Tool to compare Gene reports with other users:

We realize that the journey to a better quality of life can be long. Also the field of genetics is always gathering new research information almost daily. This is why the Gene App comes with free App updates. The App is not built for a 1-time-use only purpose. You get the tools listed above as well as these tools.  Your Livewello App is designed to partner with you for the long haul while respecting your need for personalized and integrative health care. As always we wish you all the very best of good health.

Celiac Disease

The Gene Library

 Epilepsy     Panic Disorder

Despite the circumstances that put us in this space career-wise, our biggest lesson thus far is that there IS hope after all. With effort, people finally have a chance to address their health issues functionally not just palliatively, which for most, is simply not enough. Consider getting yourself and loved ones tested in order to start learning about how health and wellbeing can finally improve with these resources:

What is Epigenetics?…/genetic/epigenetics3.htm

Epigenetics Video:

What is Methylation?…/genetic/epigenetics1.htm

Could this explain why I have a chronic health issue?…/genetic/genes-turned-off…

How is Disease a Multifactorial genetic disorder ?…/…/gene-every-disease1.htm

Are we there yet? How your Genes and Epigenetics interject:…/genetic/epigenetics4.htm

What is Personalized Medicine?

What is Pharmacogenomics?

Tips on Finding a Qualified and Experienced Doctor:

How does an App help with your Genetic Raw Data Results?

What to do after you receive your Gene Results:

How to Compare your Gene Reports with friends and family members side-by-side:

What does the Livewello Gene App do?

Genetic Health Reports you can search and install:

Upcoming Livewello Feature:

Join Livewello’s Facebook Page:

Resources to share with your Doctor: 

a) Methylation Overview for Health Professionals
b) Information for Health Professionals
c) Methylation Defects in Autism Disorders By Cindy Schneider M.D.

d) Neil Rawlins 4-Part Video on MTHFR:
e) MTHFR Related Health Problems by Stephen Smith M.D.

f) Heartfixer Online Dr. James Roberts:

g) Autism Must Be Treated with Genetic Testing of Methylation:

h) Why does this Gene Report matter to your Patient ?

i) What is Personalized Medicine?

j) Information on testing:

k) About Livewello

Encourage your Doctor to Join the Healthcare Practitioner Database Lots of folks out there need help:

A Sample Livewello Gene Report:

REMEMBER: This sample report contains only about 300 of the 600,000 SNPs in your LiveWello Gene App.

Livewello Gene App Resources for learning about Genes.  Psoriasis

Vit D insufficiency  Data Apps 2 Data Apps 1

Autism Chronic Fatigue IMG_0463 ClottingFactors Ehlers Danolos Epilepsy HNMT AND Histamine Hypothyroidism Menopause Narcolepsy Parkinsons Disease Radiation Resonse Vit D insufficiencygwas


How to use the Livewello Health Management App:

(Note: This is different from the Gene App)

Here you will learn how Livewello works online and on the App.

Use it online at:

Manage your Medications & Supplements:


Or, download the iPad/iPhone App at: