How does Genetic Testing help me ?

Your progress is our growth…

LiveWello has grown so much lately and we’ll always be grateful to and humbled by our users. We ventured into the exciting world of Genetics, Personalized Medicine and the promise that Epigenetics holds.

People can now get Personal Genomics Gene tests done by companies like 23andMe, Family Tree DNA and many others for less than $100!!! And with the raw data they receive, hope of a better quality of life is born. As prices drop, knowledge about our health will no longer be relegated to the wealthy.

Once you have your Raw Data results go to:

Once you have your Raw Data results go to:

By adding this web based application to Livewello, people can use it to generate Variance reports from their Genetic Raw Data. The Gene App is designed to tell you if you carry a variant SNP or abnormal gene that may or may not lead to the manifestation of chronic disease:
Our goal has always been to democratize access to health information that will improve a person’s health outcome.

This type of information holds so much promise for families trapped by clutches of mental or physical chronic illness. It means that with one’s Gene results and a good Integrative Doctor, the metabolic pathways that are our Genes influence, can be addressed in order to achieve wellness:

With more research information being added daily, these Genes are helping to provide a more accurate picture of the the effect of chronic illness in the human body. Owning your own genetic results is empowering and beneficial to personalizing the care you receive, in order to improve your overall wellness especially with these auxilliary Livewello Gene App tools:

1) A Health Management Tool to manage your overall Health:

2) A Gene Library Database:

3) A Health Conditions Tool to help you identify Genes that research has associated to certain health issues:

4) The Sandbox Tool:

5) Compare Reports Tool to compare Gene reports with other users:

We realize that the journey to a better quality of life can be long. Also the field of genetics is always gathering new research information almost daily. This is why the Gene App comes with free App updates. The App is not built for a 1-time-use only purpose. You get the tools listed above as well as these tools.  Your Livewello App is designed to partner with you for the long haul while respecting your need for personalized and integrative health care. As always we wish you all the very best of good health.

Celiac Disease

The Gene Library

 Epilepsy     Panic Disorder

Despite the circumstances that put us in this space career-wise, our biggest lesson thus far is that there IS hope after all. With effort, people finally have a chance to address their health issues functionally not just palliatively, which for most, is simply not enough. Consider getting yourself and loved ones tested in order to start learning about how health and wellbeing can finally improve with these resources:

What is Epigenetics?…/genetic/epigenetics3.htm

Epigenetics Video:

What is Methylation?…/genetic/epigenetics1.htm

Could this explain why I have a chronic health issue?…/genetic/genes-turned-off…

How is Disease a Multifactorial genetic disorder ?…/…/gene-every-disease1.htm

Are we there yet? How your Genes and Epigenetics interject:…/genetic/epigenetics4.htm

What is Personalized Medicine?

What is Pharmacogenomics?

Tips on Finding a Qualified and Experienced Doctor:

How does an App help with your Genetic Raw Data Results?

What to do after you receive your Gene Results:

How to Compare your Gene Reports with friends and family members side-by-side:

What does the Livewello Gene App do?

Genetic Health Reports you can search and install:

Upcoming Livewello Feature:

Join Livewello’s Facebook Page:

Resources to share with your Doctor: 

a) Methylation Overview for Health Professionals
b) Information for Health Professionals
c) Methylation Defects in Autism Disorders By Cindy Schneider M.D.

d) Neil Rawlins 4-Part Video on MTHFR:
e) MTHFR Related Health Problems by Stephen Smith M.D.

f) Heartfixer Online Dr. James Roberts:

g) Autism Must Be Treated with Genetic Testing of Methylation:

h) Why does this Gene Report matter to your Patient ?

i) What is Personalized Medicine?

j) Information on testing:

k) About Livewello

Encourage your Doctor to Join the Healthcare Practitioner Database Lots of folks out there need help:

A Sample Livewello Gene Report:

REMEMBER: This sample report contains only about 300 of the 600,000 SNPs in your LiveWello Gene App.

Livewello Gene App Resources for learning about Genes.  Psoriasis

Vit D insufficiency  Data Apps 2 Data Apps 1

Autism Chronic Fatigue IMG_0463 ClottingFactors Ehlers Danolos Epilepsy HNMT AND Histamine Hypothyroidism Menopause Narcolepsy Parkinsons Disease Radiation Resonse Vit D insufficiencygwas

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