Nutrigenomics: How Science Can Personalize Your Diet

With your Disease specific Gene Variance Report, a picture about what foods, medication and supplements you can take, will begin to emerge:

New Amsterdam Genomics

“You are what you eat” is the old adage that taught us the importance of our diet. Now modern technology is taking nutrition to the next level, looking at how to improve individual health and prevent disease with unique sustenance plans. Nutrigenomics explores the complex interaction between what you eat and your genes. It looks at the big picture of how you food influences your genome – on the gene, protein, and metabolite level – and the effects of nutritional balance across your whole body.

Personalized nutrition is a parallel to personalized medicine. The concept of adapting diet to individual needs is not new – for example, growing children, active athletes, pregnant women, and elderly people all have known specific nutrient requirements. Nutrigenomics changes personalized nutrition by using your genetic make-up as a differentiating factor. Each person is different. Because of your unique metabolism and genetic risks, you may need…

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