Biohacking ~Genomic Analysis

By sharing their personal battle for recovery, Petra gets straight to the point about the need to empower oneself with knowledge about their Genetics, the gift of Epigenetics and the promise of Personalized Medicine. As his caregiver, her love for her husband reassures readers of the relentless human spirit which is evident in our community. It is that same drive that motivated the founders of Livewello to build it for their son. Petra’s blog also emphasizes the need to use the Livewello’s Web App with your 23andMe and Ancestry Raw Data despite any health information your Personal Genomics test already offers to you. Here’s why:

With your 23andMe, Ancestry and any other Raw Data file, you can also:

1) Get your results on Genes that Research Studies have associated with your own health issues and Diagnosis:

2) Browse the Gene Library and install templates to see your own results:

3) Compare gene reports with your trusted family or friends to partner with others like you and create a community around your journey to recovery:

4) Empower yourself: Use the 8 resources to information linked directly to each Gene in your Livewello Gene App Report to learn more. Each link composes their information to suit different learning styles.

5) Use the Sandbox tool to create Gene reports based on a Gene Name or any combination of SNPs:
SNP Sandbox Tool Video for 23andMe users:

SNP Sandbox Tool Video for other Personal Genomics Company users:

6) Share all your Reports with your Healthcare Practitioner:
Tips on sharing your Gene Report with your Doctor:

7) Keep Track of your Functional Lab results to monitor your progress or regress:

8) Ever wondered what a sample Livewello report looks like? Go to:
Remember: This is just a Sample Standard Livewello Gene Report so it contains only 300 out of the 600,000 SNPs that your Livewello Gene App provides. This web application will also allow you to generate reports on up to 50,000 SNPs that research studies have directly associated with certain diseases and health conditions.
Read More here:

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