Your Health, and the Dawn of a New Medical Revolution

This is an awesome article! It will certainly help spread the word about this necessary and overdue movement to wellness.
What we are trying to do at Livewello is democratize the average person’s access to their Genetic information so that they too can leverage their chances of a higher quality of life.

Right now, when a user uploads their raw data into the Livewello Gene App, it will give you your Gene report for 600,000 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms and attaches 12 resources for learning to each Gene.

The App even offers free updates that reflect your results when 23andMe adds more SNPs to your raw data or when new research is released about a Gene that affects you. The reason for these features, is that we believe that people should have information for all the Genes in their Raw Data not just some of them. That way, a user and their Heallthcare Practitioner can have the benefit of all this information when creating a treatment or lifestyle plan.

We also encourage users to arm themselves with vital information that they should share with their Doctors. As such, Livewello is also the only Genetics Application to come with the free tools:

~A Gene library with unlimited access to hundreds of free Gene Reports: ,

~A Health Conditions tool that allows users generate Gene Reports based on their Diagnosis or health issues: and

~A Sandbox Tool for creating Customized Gene Reports:

~ Data Tool for tracking your functional lab results:
We hope that all these features in the App will partner with a person throughout their journey to wellness, not just the moment the results arrive.

We hope to remain agile in this space so that we can continue to serve users with their needs in this dynamic field. Please reach out to us at with any requests you and your readers may have:


By v1rtu0s0 at ATS
Our story begins in 1987 when an average family man began experiencing inexplicable symptoms which became progressively worse. Over the course of 16 years Fred’s relatively normal life spiraled downward as he began having symptoms like fatigue, loss of motor control, nausea, numbness, and loss of sight. For nearly 2 decades hundreds of doctors and practitioners assured Fred that they could help him, and offered many solutions but none were effective. Fred began losing his friends, his marriage, job, and became estranged by his children. In short, Fred was waiting to die, and had almost lost hope.

It wasn’t until 16 years later after living in a hell that most wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy that Fred had a minor break through when mega-dosing liver pills. Fred discovered that his brain fog would temporarily lift and allow him to function normally for a brief period…

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