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LiveWello’s Founders are the parents of a son living with Autism and a Seizure Disorder. They have also lost many family members to chronic illness and have been mired in the world of health and recovery since 2009. It was built as a result of the struggles they faced trying to find tools just like it while coping as caregivers.

In the beginning, they built Livewello as a Social Health Platform to provides tools to make it easier for people to manage their complex health issues by harnessing the support of their friends, family and Practitioners in the form of a health village. As it evolved, The Genetic Report Health App was have added to this platform. This blog is about our journey with this App. 

The Livewello Gene Reporting tool is a web based application that can be used by people who have received their 23andMe, Family Tree DNA, Ancestry.com and almost any other Personal Genomics testing company in the world: https://livewello.com/genetics

It uses the Raw Data they give to you to generate a Gene Variance report which contains information on thousands of disease related genes.

Livewello comes with 7 Major Features and they are free with the Gene App purchase:

1) A Standard Sample 300 SNP Gene Report: 


REMEMBER: This sample report contains only about 300 SNPs out of the thousands that your LiveWello App provides. As long as a SNP is in your Raw Data, with the Minor Allele and rsID, your Livewello Gene App will generate a Gene Report for you. With the App, you will be able to generate your report with much more Genes and learn about the diseases and symptoms associated with your Genes.

Video on how it works: https://vimeo.com/97313986

2) The Gene Library

The library contains hundreds of Gene compilations you might find helpful. By clicking on a shared template link, you can use it to auto-generate a report for yourself or your patients who are profiles in your account:https://livewello.com/snps/library

Some Gene Library Entries:

YASKO NUTRIGENOMICS GENES:https://livewello.com/snps/library?action=preview&index=55692&for=johnadams

PARKINSON’S DISEASE: https://livewello.com/snps/library?action=preview&index=41870&for=demo

CELIAC DISEASE: https://livewello.com/snps/library?action=preview&index=417820&for=demo

YASKO NUTRIGENOMICS GENES:https://livewello.com/snps/library?action=preview&index=55692&for=johnadams

PARKINSON’S DISEASE: https://livewello.com/snps/library?action=preview&index=41870&for=demo

3) The Health Conditions Tool

This tool helps you to help you find and generate a user’s results on Genes associated to certain Health Conditions based on research studies: https://livewello.com/gwas


HYPOTHYROIDISM GENES: https://livewello.com/snps/library?action=preview&index=335986&for=demo

ULCERATIVE COLITIS GENES:https://livewello.com/snps/library?action=preview&index=186332&for=martin.dawson.606

How- To Video: http://vimeo.com/96957497

4) A SNP Sandbox Tool used to create Gene reports based on a Gene Name or any combination of SNPs: https://livewello.com/snps/sandbox

SNP Sandbox Tool Video for 23andMe users:http://vimeo.com/103512972

SNP Sandbox Tool Video for others: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3wi07iiWY7dd1lWdk1XQlN4SVU/edit?usp=sharing


MTHFR : https://livewello.com/snps/library?action=preview&index=393575&for=demo

METHYLATION REPORT: https://livewello.com/snps/library?action=preview&index=899200&for=demo

LACTOSE INTOLERANCE: https://livewello.com/snps/library?action=preview&index=257796&for=florence


THYROID RELATED GENES: https://livewello.com/snps/library?action=preview&index=427779&for=florence

5) 9 comprehensive learning and research Resources:

They include: Medline, GHR, Google Scholar, dbSNP, Ensembl, Wiki Genes, PubMed, SNPedia and Uniprot. Information from each link is similar but differs to suit your style of learning and understanding. Just click on the Gene directly on your Report.

6) A Health Management Tool that helps users manage their:

~Health Conditions: https://livewello.com/health/dx

~Medications & Supplements: https://livewello.com/health/rx

Video Demo: https://vimeo.com/103746466

7) Data Apps

These help keep track of other functional Lab results: https://livewello.com/data-apps


Tips on using the App: http://bit.ly/1qoX9jg

HEALTH PRACTITIONER DIRECTORY: https://livewello.com/practitioner

Finally, our goal is to democratize access to health information by empowering every user with this information, so that they can work with their Healthcare Practitioner to maximize the clinical benefit of it.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions: https://livewello.com/support

You can also let us know if there’s anything we can do to support you by emailing us directly at support@livewello.com


All the best in your health journey,

Customer Relations Team, Livewello LLC




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